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How Mobile App is helpful in preparing for Competitive Exams?

Competitive Exam Preparation – Mobile App
(One stop solution)

Technology has completely transformed our daily life in a best possible way. ‘Mobile Phone’ is a great example of such technology. With this Mobile, we can do so many activities, which were hard to believe few years back.

In fact today’s generation prefers anything and everything handy i.e. on Mobile, because it is faster n absolutely easy to use.


Majority of the businesses/sectors now use Mobile technology to keep pace with the highly competitive market. Mobile technology’s role in educational area is also very vital. So, entry of this technology in Competitive Exam Preparation has very bright future.

Why you need a ‘Competitive Exam Preparation’ Mobile App:
In this extremely competitive world, students have to appear for some competitive exam or the other. Competition in the entrance exams for every sector such as Engineering, Medical, Civil Services, Management etc. is growing at a fast rate, so every aspirant must improvise every hour while preparing for their exam.

Day by day, number of candidates are gradually getting interested to appear for the competitive exams. But, for decades, the conventional approach to prepare for such exams was taking a classroom-based course or buying a book, which is bit time consuming and expensive as well. At the same time that approach is person dependent.

It is the need of the hour to improvise the way we prepare for these exams. It is necessary to sensibly use the time and utilize the available resources. So, there has to be a better solution.

That's where Rachit Technology steps in. Smart Phone powered by Rachit Technology's ‘Competitive Exam Preparation’ app is the best solution.

Competitive Exam Preparation – One stop solution

Rachit Technology has developed a wonderful Mobile app, ‘Competitive Exam Preparation’, which is a one stop destination for multiple competitive exams.

"Competitive Exam Preparation" is a FREE Mobile app containing 12000+ wide collections of MCQ with answers helping you to prepare for Competitive Exams and can be used to gain knowledge on various topics.

It is the best app with solutions to enhance your aptitude skills and to sharpen your brain. You can solve them anywhere, anytime and repeatedly.This app, not only provides quality study material free but also serve you anywhere and at any hour of the day without the Internet.

Everything you need to ace exams in one place:

Collection of Multiple Choice Questions on-

Common Admission Test - (CAT)
Government Exam Preparation - (GEP)
Common Law Admission Test - (CLAT-UG)
Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering - (GATE)
General Knowledge - (GK)
Joint Entrance Examination - (JEE-Main)
National Eligibility and Entrance Test - (NEET)
Maharashtra Common Entrance Test - (MHT-CET)
National Defense Academy & Naval Academy - (NDA & NA)
All India Institute of Medical Sciences - (AIIMS MBBS)

Various Categories covered–

Quantitative Ability
★ Verbal Ability
General Knowledge
Logical Reasoning
Indian History
World History
Legal Aptitude
Elementary Mathematics
Current Affairs
Mechanical Engineering (ME), Electrical Engineering (EE), Electronics Engineering (EC), Civil Engineering (CE), Computer Science (CS), Instrumentation Engineering (IE), Chemical Engineering (CH), Metallurgical Engineering (MT), Biotechnology (BT)
Animal and Birds
Art and Books
Computer Knowledge
Famous Personalities
Famous Places
Food and Drinks
Indian History
India Politics
Logic and Maths
Plants & Flowers
Science & Tech
Solar System
TV Shows
USA Politics
World History

This app is beneficial for entrance exam for –
- Law
- Engineering 
- Medical
- Pharmacy
- Defense

Salient Features of Competitive Exam Preparation:

  • More than 12000+ MCQs included in this app
  • App Works without Internet once downloaded 
  • Completely FREE
  • View and Share results of solved Quiz.
  • Multiple quiz for each stream are included.
  • No Need to Sign-up to any external website to use app. Just enter your name and start the practice test.
  • Simple and user friendly interface
  • You can remove Advertisement with App by doing an in-app purchase with Google

This Application is your perfect guide to improve your competitive skills. It is a comprehensive test preparation platform for excelling in PG entrance & other competitive exams.

This Mobile App makes the lives of every student Easier and Fun.

To Download:

* Click following link from your Android Mobile -


* Scan the below bar code from your Android Mobile -

Download this most helpful exam preparation app for CAT, GEP, CLAT-UG, GATE, GK, JEE-Main, NEET, MHT-CET, NDA & NA, AIIMS MBBS exams.

For any queries, write to us at:

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