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LAW APP - Windows Platform

 ‘Law App’ is the Best Law Learning App. Law App allows you to learn Acts & Laws of various countries within a Single App, giving access to more than 600 Acts. This Law Learning App is for the Law professionals (Lawyer, Attorney, Magistrate, CA, CS…), Teachers, Students, anyone interested in learning Law. This fantastic Educational App- Law App, is an amazing collection of Laws/Acts along with Rules. It provides easy access to the important Legal information. Law learning App contains Vital Laws/Acts, Rules like – * Civil Law * Criminal Law * Contract Law * Corporate Law * Constitutions * Family / Personal law * Property Law * Labour Law * Banking Law * State Laws and Rules….. ♥♥ Features of this Law Learning App ♥♥ ✓ Important Act/Law of 17 countries [India, United States of America, Philippines, Kenya, Armenia, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Japan, New Zealand, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe] are available in digital format to c
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The United States Code, is the codification by subject matter of the general and permanent laws of the United States.   Law app is updated to include latest titles 1 to 54. http://  
  श्लोक, आरती, मंत्र, भूपाळ्या, म्हणी, पंचांग, वाक्प्रचार, व्याकरण, शब्दकोश, पूजा, सण..... आता एकाच ठिकाणी मिळणार सर्व माहिती. "मराठी रीती रिवाज सुपर ॲप" मध्ये. अँप मध्ये आता सर्व विभागांसाठी ध्वनि उपलब्ध आहे. योग्य उच्चारासाठी Marathi (India) हा पर्याय निवडा.  
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We're Live Now - Checkout our new Windows Application

  Works without internet  Access to 600 + acts from 17 Countries Audio playback & advance search option available Diglot support for many acts Secure online payment Pro-version activation license for just 99$ Priority technical email support with activation Version : 1.0 ( Release date - 1-Mar-2022 ) Available Platform: Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / 2019 / 2016 / 2012  Download your copy :                

Law App is now available in "Open Beta" on Windows Platform

O ur expertise is in mobile app development with 4 million + app downloads. You can download our mobile apps ( Android , iPad & iPhone ).   Our flagship mobile Law app can be downloaded from ( Android , iPad & iPhone ) Read this blog to know more on Law Mobile App .  We are excited to announce that Law App is now available in open beta starting 19-Nov-2021 on Windows Platforms , application works completely offline once installed with easy access to 600+ Acts from 17 countries.  Why Open Beta? We are committed in developing quality products. We are constantly looking for feedback of our products to enhance user experience.    We are looking for users who can try this desktop app in open beta and share their feedback.  With open beta we can identify and fix bugs early before the official release.  Law App on Windows Platform targeted to be released fully before end of Q1-2022 . Benefit of trying Open Beta Use Pre-Order option from the app and get 50% discount . With one

Law App - Coming Soon ( Windows, Linux, macOS )

We are very proud to announce that the "Law App" will be soon launched on Windows, macOS and Linux.  Law Learning desktop application will work offline.  With easy access to 600 + Acts from 17 Countries.   Pre-register to get exclusive early access. visit to download our products.