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How to protect your Android Phone from harmful Apps?

Most of smartphones are now used to book tickets online, make payment, access bank transactions, access emails. All this data is confidential and needs to be protected from hackers or harmful apps which shares your confidential data to third party without your knowledge.

In May-2017, google identified 40 + famous apps (most of them were games) which were generating fake ad clicks within apps causing data loss to users and revenue loss to Google.

How to protect your phone from such apps?

Google has introduced Google Play Protect, ( a process which runs in background and it scans approximately one billion smartphones and over 50 billion apps daily. This also includes apps which are not included on your device. Google Play Protect service keeps on running in background to keep your device, data and apps safe.  

When you install an app, check its status while installation. If app is already verified its marked as shown below.

Or you can access Google Play Protect from Google Play Store app on phone as shown in below screenshot

Once opened it shows you status on your phone. If there are any harmful apps identified it notifies you

Keep your phone software updated to prevent any unauthorized access and data theft.

All our apps are verified by Play Protect and are safe to install and use.
Follow this link to download all apps on Google Play Store - 

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