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How to Monitor Your Data Usage?

How to Monitor Your Mobile Data Usage?

App to monitor your Internet ( 4G/3G/Edge/GPRS/Wifi ), Phone calls ( Incoming/outgoing ) & Call History reports.
Worried about phone usage? Want to know total time spend on phone calls? Who is your frequent caller?

Surprised by huge phone bill generated at end of the month?
Try Phone Usage Monitor, a complete offline phone call and Internet usage monitor tool.
Key features of ' Phone Usage Monitor ' -
- Track your phone usage real time to avoid extra charges on your bill

- View your Wifi and Internet Usage
- Track historical data to understand your calling patterns
- Detail reports as per your billing cycle

- Intuitive reports available at single click
- Generate Customized Reports
- Share and print your report
- No Internet connection required
- Progress bar on top ( marked in green/ yellow/ red color ) displays current data/phone usage
Once downloaded, the device doesn't need Internet connection for displaying reports. We guarantee that, with this app you can save tons of money. This app actually shows periodical usage of your mobile, which helps you, your family & friends everyday.

To Download

Start your application
1. Main screen allows you to setup your Phone Bill (You can change these settings any time by accessing settings option). This screen is also required only once to setup, later the application will automatically update data based on your billing cycle.

2. Main Screen of application allows you to view data for your current billing cycle in case of postpaid plan.
# Top section – Allows user to change date and settings
o Date Range - When application starts, date is set to current billing cycle if account is postpaid. For Prepaid User can decide date range. User can change the date range for generation of reports for historical data .
o Settings - It allows you to change billing type, billing start date, talktime , data limit and contacts per report.
o Refresh - It allows user to Update data ( Updates all information related to your incoming and outgoing call details and data).
# There are 3 tabs provided at center of screen. First Tab shows phone usage, second tab shows wifi usage, third tab shows phone data usage. You can click on individual items to view corresponding detail reports.
# There are 3 reports provided at the bottom of screen which allows to view custom reports, frequenct callers and your billing report.

3. Custom Report - This report allows you to generate specific reports. You can view and email them for your reference. You can filter based upon duration or call type or contact.
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